The Naru Guardians

The Naru Guardians


Seventeen-year-old Krox Xaru’s world has shattered, but he finally feels alive. The highest authority says those with his types of power are of greatest controversy. So, he has been exiled into a shadowy forest amongst the Naru Guardians, a dynamic and magical group of reckless buffoons, who have been villainized—falsely accused of their dictator’s crimes.

However, feeling alive pays a heavy toll. Krox and his sister, Lizzy, are forced to Earth—the only inhabited planet of five to remain unaffected by magic - and trapped there.

Then, things get worse. A feral beast attack, a sacred shimmering artifact, a pursuit by a mad genius and his covert government team, an ambush of swamp-dwelling indigenous natives. The old mysterious convict who takes them in is their only hope of escape, but they are flirting on the brink of trust. Krox must fight his burning desires, or risk infecting Earth and ending civilization as they know it.

"There once existed, the Naru Guardians ― traitors of the Council of Zaldan."