The Author

Aaron William McCloud was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania in 1992.

Aaron’s parents separated when he was a child, so he very much looked forward to summer breaks and holiday visits amongst his divided family. Most of these visits included spending time at his father’s horse ranch in Florida, where he and his five brothers would gather and indulge in various adventures. Aaron’s favorite was always pondering on the Universe and writing about its many mysteries.


The entirety of his pre-college academia was attended in Lake Mary, Florida.

As a teenager, Aaron attended Seminole State College of Florida, and when his degree was halfway completed, his immediate family moved back to Pennsylvania. He pursued his Nursing degree for another year, then his aspirations shifted, and in 2012, he dropped out of college and moved to Pennsylvania.

Aaron attended the Barber Styling Institute in Pennsylvania where he received his Barbering License, and upon receiving it immediately bought a barbershop. During that time, his younger brother, a former United States Marine, was severely wounded overseas, and in 2015, Aaron sold his barbershop to become his brother’s full-time caregiver and to further his academic status.

By 2016, Aaron earned an Associate of Arts degree majoring in Web Design from Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania. His YA speculative fiction debut novel, The Naru Guardians, is currently seeking representation.